Quite often you hear ‘it could never happen to me’ or ‘I’ll sort it out later’. Well the old maxim of “failing to plan is planning to fail” is no better suited to the ignoring of crucial decisions on protection.

Our Protection Policies 

As one would imagine, there are many types of Protection Policies to choose from. Finding the one that provides adequate cover and the right protection is not as easy as you may think.

We strongly urge you to take the necessary professional advice from an individual or company authorised to give such advice, as Davidson Deem Ltd are not Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) and therefore are not authorised to give such advice. If you do not have an IFA, we would be pleased to offer you the details of one that we know.

We will inform you if it is a condition of the mortgage that some other form of compulsory insurance is taken with the lender. If it is not compulsory with the lender then it is your responsibility to arrange and maintain such insurance, if required.

The buttons to the right merely offer an explanation of some of the types of cover available and they will probably form part of any discussion you have with a suitably qualified IFA.

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