Mortgages for Accountants

Are you an Accountant? Perhaps looking at buying your first property? Here at Davidson Deem, we understand that applying for a mortgage can be a very stressful and daunting experience. Because of this, we offer professional mortgages for accountants like you, a reliable and trustworthy application process with one of our directors. We are committed in building a strong, knowledgeable relationship with our clients to ensure that you receive the best results when buying your first home. Our mortgages for professionals have a variety of benefits including flexible repayment rates and larger borrowing amounts, as well as a fee-free service for any mortgages above £100,000. Please call us on 01202 884 111 or if you have any questions about our facilities, do not hesitate to email our team on

Professional Mortgages: What we can offer you

Professionals such as accountants are given more flexibility when applying for mortgages as such individuals are seen to be more reliable and trustworthy. Because of this we allow you access to a range of mortgages that best suits your needs and specifications. Davidson Deem allow a flexible repayment rate from as little as 5 years, up to 40 years. A huge difference from 25-35 years if you were to apply for a standard mortgage. This allows our clients the choice of early repayments if necessary and the opportunity of being mortgage-free by the end of the period. As well as this, newly qualified professional applicants can receive five and a half times their annual salary rate in mortgage loans. This is one times greater than what we would offer for our standard mortgage loans.

Dependent on your income, property prices and credit rating, Davidson Deem can also offer professionals larger borrowing amounts, ranging from £50,000 to £2 million or more. This is a great flexibility for our clients as well as providing continual support to ensure that you are happy with the entire process.

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